"You look at Gemma, and you look at Nero; he’s in the female role. I mean, traditionally. He’s the one bringing out the soft and loving side of her, and he is having a profound affect on her, no doubt, but she’s a warrior. She’s a warrior. He’s a feeler and he’s a lover. He’s a gentle man caught in a rough life. I think there’s some really interesting role reversal there. Typically, it would be—I mean, Gemma’s such a fantastic character. Typically, the dynamic that exists between them would be with the locus of love being in the female character sort of softening the male character. That’s typically the way that’s set up in these shows and this is exactly the opposite." - Robin Weigert (Sons of Anarchy co-star)

"I haven’t gotten sad, I’m sort of not in that yet. I suppose it will get sad, but it has been an amazing ride. I don’t know yet [what’s next]. I’m about to go back out there and see. But I have been so blessed and so grateful to have had this job and the previous ones I’ve had. I feel very fortunate." - KATEY SAGAL on Sons of Anarchy coming to an end.

@TheoRossi: Hanging with Adele and my partner in crime @KateySagal at the @FargoFX screening. #StrangeAngle #SOAFX 

Sons of Anarchy cast attends the FX Networks Upfront screening of ‘Fargo’ at SVA Theater on April 9, 2014 in New York City. (Photos by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

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